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Sunday, November 6, 2011

GOV: Work for the Week of Nov. 7-11, 2011 (1st Week of the 3rd 6-Weeks)

1. Read Chapter 13 (Monday-Thursday Nov 7-10, 2011)
2. Read Chapter 14 (Friday Nov 11, 2011-Next Week)
- Questions will be asked, discussed, and debated throughout the week. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep up with the material. Section 1: Monday; Section 2: Tuesday; Section 3: Wednesday; Section 4: Thursday
3. Presidential Poster and Sound Byte Project: With presidential elections and nominations in the news, you will step in to the shoes of a presidential candidate. You will create a CAMPAIGN POSTER and 1 minute sound byte to convince me to vote for you.
CAMPAIGN POSTER: Create a poster for your campaign. Your poster has to have/be: 1. No smaller than a sheet of computer paper; 2. In color (from a computer or by hand); 3. Must have pictures and words; and 4. Must include a reason to vote for you and a slogan for your candidacy.
SOUND BYTE: In no more than 1 minute, lay out why  I should vote for you and include your slogan. Research past posters, sound bytes, and speeches. **Your grade will depend on how much you get me to want to vote for you.

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