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Saturday, November 26, 2011

US HIST: Work for the Week of Nov 28-Dec 2, 2011

This week we will be working on our OUTLINES for the written portion of our MIDTERM, starting on the STUDY GUIDES, and working on information about WORLD WAR 1, the 1920s, and the JAZZ AGE. The outline is due Monday November 28, 2011 for people that have not been absent. Those who have been absent your outline is due by Wednesday November 30, 2011 (make sure to come get your PROMPT on Monday in class, but know that you need to come meet with me at lunch or after school by Tuesday to ensure that you are all caught up). The completed STUDY GUIDE for +3 Extra Credit on the final will be due Monday December 5, 2011 (a change from what I said in class - I'm pushing it back, but you can turn it in whenever it is completed). I know that I have said this in class, but the reason that we are starting on our Midterm reviews a little early is so that your teacher can help those in need and to ensure that everyone is good to go well in advance of all midterms so that you can work on your other classes as well. Make sure that you do not procrastinate on this. Get ready for another good week of work!

GOV: Work for the Week of Nov 28-Dec 2,2011

This week we will work on Supreme Court Cases, First Amendment Freedoms (Chapter 19), Protecting Individual Rights (Chapter 20), and starting on our Final Reviews. Make sure that you have the Supreme Court Case homework on Monday. If you have been absent recently, make sure that you come meet with me at lunch or after school to make sure that you are all caught up (this is non-negotiable). Check your GradeSpeed for any missing assignments that you might have or to ensure that you are all caught up. Get ready for a good week!

GOV: Extra Credit Opportunity...

For +1 Extra Credit on the Midterm, write YOUR NAME and a SUPREME COURT CASE from the textbook on a piece of paper and give it to me by Tuesday November 29, 2011. I will not mention this in class, so it is up to you to remember to give it to me.

US HIST: Extra Credit Opportunity

For +1 Extra Credit on the Final, write YOUR NAME, PERIOD, and a term from the WORLD WAR 1 section of the FINALS REVIEW on a piece of paper and give it to me in class. This is due by Tuesday November 29, 2011. I will not mention this in class, so it us up to you to remember.

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity

This week's after school movie will be Super 8. There might be a second movie relating to World War 1 as well. I will announce the for sure date in class, most likely Tuesday. Hopefully you will be able to attend!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

GOV: Monday and Tuesday November 21-22, 2011

We have just 2 days this week! If you did not present your Presidential Project yet, come at lunch or after school (I will be around at both on both days). In class we will be discussing court cases and start to gear up for the Finals. Be prepared. A Study Guide for the finals will be distributed soon. Let's do great work and then have a great break!

US HIST: Monday and Tuesday November 21-22, 2011

Two more days till Thanksgiving Break! Until then, we will finish Chapter 11 and work a little with Chapters 12-14 (this will sound like a lot more than it really is - trust). I will be passing out Finals Review on Tuesday, be prepared! Do not forget what is due this week (Section Reviews 2-4 from Chapter 11 by Tuesday). Let's have a great 2-Day week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GOV: Link

If you need any help with the Presidential Poster and Sound Bite Project check out The Living Room Candidate. This site, which we viewed in class, has all presidential commercials from the last 50 years. Enjoyable and informative.

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity

Next Monday and Tuesday after school the movie "Avatar" will be screened to further our discussion on Imperialism. There will be bonus awarded for attendance. Some snacks will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own as well. Come enjoy a good movie and see what we are learning (in a futuristic way). Thanks to those who came today to see scenes from Saving Private Ryan, The Wizard of Oz, and Man V Food. After school movies will happen each week in room 317 for the remainder of the year. Make sure to check when they are occurring.

GOV: Thursday and Friday November 17-18, 2011

Chapter 14 is our current focus. We will finish the chapter in class Thursday. Section reviews will be due by Friday. The Presidential Campaign Poster and Sound Bite Project is due on Friday. Please make sure that you keep up with this work and do not procrastinate. There are many things coming up, including finals, and we all need to make sure that we are focused on the our work. While my GOV students do great work, distractions seem to be getting in the way. We will not start finals review until we have gone over everything on the syllabus. If you have any questions or need any help I am available every day at lunch and after school. Please make sure you take advantage if you are in need. I cannot wait to see the projects, I am excited!

US HIST: Thursday and Friday Nov 17-18, 2011

We are covering Chapter 11 sections 1-3. Section 1 review is due Friday. Section 2 review due Monday and Sections 3 and 4 due Tuesday. Make sure that you are keeping up. If you need any help or assistance, I am available at lunch and after school everyday. Please take advantage now and do not procrastinate with FINALS coming closer and closer. Finals review will start when we are done with these sections.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Sick...

To my wonderful students: I'm sick. I'm doing my best to be 100% for tomorrow, but I have been unable to finish everything this weekend. I apologize for that and will have your grades posted (everything is graded) on GradeSpeed shortly. There will be no homework slips tomorrow But in short here's the work:
US HIST: WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHY/HOW for sections 4-5 of Chapter 10 and section 4-5 reviews. This will be, along with last week's work, is what to study for the Chapter 10 quiz.
GOV: The Primary Source reading, court case reading, and the section review for Chapter 13. Do not forget that the Presidential Project is due Friday. There will not be much class time this week to work on it, so make sure that you keep up.
Thanks for the continued hard work of my students. So many have stepped up and done great work. Make sure you keep up because we have lots to do before FINALS!!!

+5 on Upcoming Quiz Opportunity... for GOV

On Tuesday November 15, 2011 come up to me and name a US President for +5 on an upcoming quiz. These extra credit opportunities are solely for those who read the class blog, so please continue to check for updates.

+5 on Upcoming Quiz Opportunity... for US HIST

Say the word "Reform" (from Chapters 9-10) on Tuesday November 15, 2011 for a +5 on the Chapter 10 quiz. These extra credit opportunities are solely for those who read the class blog, so please continue to check for updates.

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity

This Wednesday we will be viewing scenes from the Wizard of Oz and some other funny news. Come and its with a FREE HOMEWORK PASS. Hopefully see you there!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

GOV: Work for the Week of Nov. 7-11, 2011 (1st Week of the 3rd 6-Weeks)

1. Read Chapter 13 (Monday-Thursday Nov 7-10, 2011)
2. Read Chapter 14 (Friday Nov 11, 2011-Next Week)
- Questions will be asked, discussed, and debated throughout the week. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep up with the material. Section 1: Monday; Section 2: Tuesday; Section 3: Wednesday; Section 4: Thursday
3. Presidential Poster and Sound Byte Project: With presidential elections and nominations in the news, you will step in to the shoes of a presidential candidate. You will create a CAMPAIGN POSTER and 1 minute sound byte to convince me to vote for you.
CAMPAIGN POSTER: Create a poster for your campaign. Your poster has to have/be: 1. No smaller than a sheet of computer paper; 2. In color (from a computer or by hand); 3. Must have pictures and words; and 4. Must include a reason to vote for you and a slogan for your candidacy.
SOUND BYTE: In no more than 1 minute, lay out why  I should vote for you and include your slogan. Research past posters, sound bytes, and speeches. **Your grade will depend on how much you get me to want to vote for you.

US HIST: Work for the Week of Nov. 7-11, 2011 (1st Week of the 3rd 6-Weeks)

1. Read Chapter 10. We will start each section in class. FULLY reading the chapter is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
2. Questions for the Week: We will start these in class. ALL are DUE Friday Nov 11, 2011 (Put on 1 Page). Answer in complete sentences. Not writing in complete sentences will result in a reduction of points (even for perfect answers).
·         SECTION 1: 1. What were the strengths of the city-commission and city-manager forms of government?
·         SECTION 1: 2. How did the Wisconsin Idea lay the foundation for further reforms?
·         SECTION 2: 3. How did the Square Deal reflect President Theodore Roosevelt’s approach to government?
·         SECTION 3: 4. What failures and success did President Taft experience during his term in office?
·         SECTION 4: 5. How did women’s suffrage leaders achieve success?
·         GOVERNMENT: How did reformers seek to limit the power of big business and make government more democratic in the early 1900s?
·         ECONOMICS: How did President Roosevelt attempt to regulate business without discouraging free enterprise?
·         CONSTITUTIONAL HERITAGE: Why were the 16th, 17th, and 19th Amendments to the US Constitution adopted?
Other HOMEWORK will be decided on a day by day basis, depending on how far we get each day, homework will be finishing ANYTHING NOT FINISHED IN CLASS, READING THE CHAPTER (10), and ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK. There will be a CHAPTER 10 TEST next TUESDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2011. Please do not procrastinate on studying.

Free Homework Pass Opportunity for Monday Nov 7, 2011

Come up to me before class, after class, at lunch, or after school on Monday November 7, 2011 and say "History Rocks" for a FREE HOMEWORK PASS. Pay attention for these opportunities throughout the remainder of the school year.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

2nd 6-Weeks Grades

Final grades for the 2nd 6-Weeks are now posted on GradeSpeed. Please check your grade.