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Saturday, October 8, 2011

US HIST: Week of October 10-14, 2011

VOCAB Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011): Elisha Otis; Frederick Law Olmsted; Caroline Bartlett; City Beautiful Movement; Political Machines; Political Bosses; Graft; Kickbacks; Alexander Shepherd; George Washington Plunkitt; James Pendergast; William Marcy Tweed; Thomas Nast; Mugwumps; Stalwarts
VOCAB Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011): James A. Garfield; Chester A. Arthur; Pendleton Civil Service Act; Grover Cleveland; Benjamin Harrison; Cooperatives; Graduated Income Tax; Gold Standard; National Grange; Interstate Commerce Act; Mary Elizabeth Lease; Bland-Allison Act; Sherman Silver Purchase Act; James B. Weaver; Progressivism; Muckrakers
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Read Chapter 8; Complete the Vocabulary (Part 1 Due Friday Oct 14 and Part 2 Due Monday Oct 17, 2011); #3 on Pages 251 and 265 (Pg. 251 Due Thursday Oct 13, 2011 and Pg. 265 Due Monday Oct 17, 2011)

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