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Monday, October 3, 2011

US HIST: Syllabus for the Remainder of the Semester

WEEK 1(WEEK of OCT 3): Remaining CH 6 VOCAB; Industrialization; Immigrants; CH 7
WEEK 2 (WEEK of OCT 10): CH 7 - CH 8; Big Business; Politics in the Gilded Age
WEEK 3 (WEEK of OCT 17): CH 8 - CH 9; Age of Reform
WEEK 4 (WEEK of OCT 24): CH 9 - CH 10; Progressive Politicians
WEEK 5 (WEEK of OCT 31): CH 11; America and the World; Spanish-American War; WW1
3rd 6-WEEKS: (NOV - MID DEC)
WEEK 1 (WEEK of NOV 7): ELECTION WEEK; CH 12; WW1; Start of the Roaring 20’s
WEEK 2 (WEEK of NOV 14): CH 13-14; 1919-1929; 1920-1929; Great Depression
WEEK 3 (WEEK of NOV 21): CH 15; Great Depression
WEEK 4 (WEEK of NOV 28): CH 16; The New Deal; (start) WW2
WEEK 5 (WEEK of DEC 5): Preparation for 1st Semester Finals; Finish any unfinished topics/work
PROJECTS: One small fun one and a Research Paper Project that will be due a week before FINALS
MATERIALS NEEDED for CLASS: Binder; Pen; Pencil; Textbook; Handouts
TUTORIALS/EXTRA HELP: Lunch and After School EVERY DAY by request

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