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Monday, October 3, 2011

US HIST: Work for the Week

Part 1 VOCAB: (DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 7, 2011) Bessemer Process; Patent; Thomas Alva Edison; Alexander Graham Bell; Lewis Latimer; Social Darwinism; Charles Darwin; Bourgeoisie; Communism; Vertical Integration; Horizontal Integration; Terence V. Powderly; Mary Harris Jones; Great Upheaval; Haymarket Riot; Eugene V. Debs
Part 2 VOCAB: (DUE MONDAY OCTOBER 10,2011) Old Immigrants; New Immigrants; Steerage; Benevolent Societies; Chinese Exclusion Act; Immigration Restriction League; Grover Cleveland; Skyscrapers; Mass Transit; Suburbs; Nouveau Riche; Conspicuous Consumption; Settlement Houses; Jane Addams; Social Gospel; Compulsory Education Laws; Yellow Journalism; Vaudeville;
Ragtime (Scott Joplin); John Dewey; Walter Camp; James Naismith         
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Read VOCAB from CH 6; Read CH 7; Complete VOCAB PT 1 - CH 6 (Due Friday); VOCAB PT 2 (Due next Monday); Pg. 206: Skill Building Strategies - Evaluating Historical Actions (write the prompt, 1-4; Read pgs. 203-204) and answer the questions (Due Thurs); TEST next TUESDAY over CH remaining VOCAB from CH 6 and ALL of CH 7

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