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Monday, October 3, 2011

GOV: Work for the Week

VOCAB PART 1 (Due Friday October 7, 2011): Enabling Act; Act of Admission; Grants-in-Aid Program; Revenue Sharing; Categorical Grant; Block Grant; Project Grant; Interstate Compact; Full Faith and Credit Clause; Extradition; Privileges and Immunities Clause (From page 110)
VOCAB PART 2 (Due Monday October 10, 2011): Political Party; Major Parties; Partnership; Party in Power; Minor Party; Two-Party System; Single-Member District; Plurality; Bipartisan; Pluralistic Society; Consensus; Multiparty; Coalition; One-Party System; Incumbent; Faction; Electorate; Sectionalism; Ideological Parties; Single-Issue Parties; Economic Protest Parties; Splinter Parties; Ward; Precinct; Split-Ticket Voting (From page 144)
HOMEWORK: Pg. 75 #’s 1-2 (Due Wednesday); Pg. 78 #’s 1-4, Pg. 83 #’s 1-3 (Due Mon Oct 10)

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