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Saturday, October 15, 2011

GOV: Week of October 17-21, 2011

Vocabulary Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 21, 2011): Term; Session; Adjourn; Prologue; Special Session; Apportion; Reapportion; At-Large; Continuous Body; Trustee; Politico; Oversight Function; Franking Privilege; Colleague
Vocabulary Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 24, 2011): Strict Constructionist; Liberal Constructionist; Tax; Direct Tax; Indirect Tax; Deficit Financing; Public Debt; Commerce Power; Legal Tender; Bankruptcy; Copyright; Patent; Eminent Domain; Appropriate; Necessary and Proper Clause; Doctrine; Successor; Impeach; Acquit; Perjury; Censure; Subpoena
Homework: Read Chapters 9-10 (Mon-Wed); Analyzing Political Cartoons #’s 1-2 on Pages 175, 205, and 257 (Pages 175 and 205 Due Thursday Oct 23, 2011; Page 257 Due Monday Oct 24, 2011)
Main Ideas: Interest Groups (CH 9): The many private organizations that seek to influence the shaping of American public policy; Congress (CH 10): The structure and functions of the two houses of Congress, as well as the backgrounds and roles of the members of Congress.

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