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Saturday, October 8, 2011

GOV: Week of October 10-14, 2011

VOCAB Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011): Franchise; Transient; Registration; Purge; Injunction; Gerrymandering; Independent; Gender Gap; Political Efficacy; Off-Year Election; Nomination; Runoff Primary; Absentee Voting; Coattail Effect; Precinct; Polling Place; Ballot; Political Action Committee (PAC); Subsidy; Soft Money; Hard Money
VOCAB Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011): Public Affairs; Public Opinion; Mass Media; Interest Group; Straw Vote; Sample; Public Agenda; Sound Bite; Trade Association; Labor Union; Propaganda; Single-Interest Group; Lobbying; Grass Roots
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Chapters 7-9; Page 143 #’s 1-3 (Due Thursday Oct 13, 2011); Page 158 #’s 1-4 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011); Part 1 Vocab (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011) and Part 2 Vocab (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011)

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