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Sunday, October 30, 2011

US HIST: Work for the Week Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011

**Please note that this is the final week of this 6-Weeks. Make sure ALL WORK is turned in!**
VOCABULARY (DUE FRIDAY NOV 4, 2011): Arbitration, Reclamation, Theodore Roosevelt, Square Deal, Upton Sinclair, Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Gifford Pinchot, National Park Service, 16th Amendment
1.       Vocabulary (Last Week’s Due Tuesday and This Week’s Due Friday)
2.       Study the Understanding Main Ideas on Page 294 (#’s 1-6) for Quiz on Friday
3.       Read Chapter 10 (By Thursday)
4.       Find an Article About the Upcoming Election (Due Friday)
CLASSWORK: Citizens United Supreme Court Case News Video (Bias and Messages); Election Coverage; Chapter 9 Discussion/Debate; Start Chapter 10
OBJECTIVES/THEMES: Reforming the New Industrial Order; Reforming Society; Reforming Government; Roosevelt and the Square Deal; Reform Under Taft; Wilson’s “New Freedom”

GOV: Work for the Week of Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011

**Please note that this is the final week of this 6-Weeks. Make sure ALL WORK is turned in!**
1.       Read Chapters 11 and 12 (Through next week – DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!!) (Next Week CHs 13-14)
2.       Complete Committee to Pass a Bill Assignment
3.       Study page 345 in your textbook for the How to Pass a Bill Quiz on Friday
1.       Watch Citizens United Video (Where’s the Bias and What’s the Message)
2.       Work on Committee to Pass a Bill Assignment (Due Wednesday/Thursday)
3.       Committee Presentations (Wednesday/Thursday)
4.       How to Pass a Bill Quiz (Friday Nov 4, 2011)
5.       Start Presidential Signs and Sound Bites Project (for next week)
OBJECTIVES/THEMES: How Congress Organizes, Committees in Congress, How a Bill Becomes Law, Bills in the Senate, The Scope of Congressional Powers, The Expressed Powers of Money and Commerce, Other Expressed Powers, The Implied Powers, The Nonlegislative Powers

Important Note About This Week!

This week, Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011, is the final week of the 2nd 6-Weeks. Please make sure that any missing, or late, work is turned in. Any work not turned in by Friday Nov 4, 2011 will be counted as "Missing" and you will receive a "0" for any missing work. Check your GradeSpeed, or come and meet me at lunch or after school, if you are unsure of your current status. Students you have done a lot of good work! Make sure that you are caught up in ALL CLASSES and are good to go for the 3rd, and final, 6-Weeks of this semester! I will be around at lunch and after school each day this week if any tutorials or assistance is needed. Please meet with me if you would like to schedule a time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Field Trip

Thanks to all my students and chaperones who accompanied me and Coach Durning on our Field Trip! I hope that everyone enjoyed! Without all of you this would not have been possible, so thanks to everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

US HIST: Week of October 24-28, 2011

Vocabulary (Due Monday October 31, 2011): (*Note: We will be discussing Chapter 10 next week - Starting Monday October 31, 2011) Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, Robert M. La Follette, Wisconsin Idea, Direct Primary, Initiative, Referendum, Recall, 17th Amendment
Age of Reform Research Questions (Due Monday October 31, 2011):
Directions: Using Chapter 9, and if you want - any other research material(s) that you can find, answer the following two questions with proof (three corroborating pieces of evidence that helps support your claim - from your textbook or another source). Yes and No only answers are not acceptable. Fully explain and/or elaborate on your answers to receive full credit (this assignment is a Quiz Grade).
1. During the Age of Reform, Progressives fought for many causes. These included protecting Urban Workers, Reforming the Workplace, Protecting Female and Child Laborers, and Cleaning up Cities (through Moral, Physical, Better City Planning, and Attacking Racial Discrimination). All these policies raise the following question: Were these reforms meant to improve society or promote social control?
2. When we think about the Age of Reform from today’s vantage point, one characteristic of that earlier time is how much legislation (reforms) was passed. Why are there some periods when reforms can pass with ease and other times (think of today) when it is seems much less possible?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

US HIST: Week of October 17-21, 2011

Vocabulary Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 21, 2011): McClure’s Magazine; Lincoln Steffens; Ida Tarbell; Ray Stannard Baker; Theodore Dreiser; Edith Wharton; Herbert Croly; Freedom of Contract; Closed Shop; Socialism; Open Shop; Florence Kelley; Triangle Shirtwaist Fire; Rose Schneiderman; Muller VS Oregon; Louis D. Brandeis; International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union; Industrial Workers of the World; William “Big Bill” Haywood
Vocabulary Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 24, 2011): Prohibition; Lawrence Veiller; Daniel Burnham; Women’s Christian Temperance Union; Billy Sunday; Frances Willard; 18th Amendment; W.E.B. Dubois; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); National Urban League; Society of American Indians; Americanization
Homework: Read Chapters 8-9 (Section 1 (Both CHs) on Mon; Section 2 Tues; Section 3 Wed-Thurs); Page 169 #2 (Due Thursday Oct 23, 2011); Page 258 #3 (Due Friday Oct 24, 2011); Page 279 #3 (Due Monday Oct 24, 2011)
Class Work: Page 176: #3; Page 285: #3; Page 293: #3
Main Ideas: The Creation of a Reservation System for American Indians; The Westward Migration of American Settlers; The Spread of Government Corruption; The Rise of Reform Movements; The Rise of the Progressive Movement; The Election of Reform-Minded Politicians

GOV: Week of October 17-21, 2011

Vocabulary Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 21, 2011): Term; Session; Adjourn; Prologue; Special Session; Apportion; Reapportion; At-Large; Continuous Body; Trustee; Politico; Oversight Function; Franking Privilege; Colleague
Vocabulary Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 24, 2011): Strict Constructionist; Liberal Constructionist; Tax; Direct Tax; Indirect Tax; Deficit Financing; Public Debt; Commerce Power; Legal Tender; Bankruptcy; Copyright; Patent; Eminent Domain; Appropriate; Necessary and Proper Clause; Doctrine; Successor; Impeach; Acquit; Perjury; Censure; Subpoena
Homework: Read Chapters 9-10 (Mon-Wed); Analyzing Political Cartoons #’s 1-2 on Pages 175, 205, and 257 (Pages 175 and 205 Due Thursday Oct 23, 2011; Page 257 Due Monday Oct 24, 2011)
Main Ideas: Interest Groups (CH 9): The many private organizations that seek to influence the shaping of American public policy; Congress (CH 10): The structure and functions of the two houses of Congress, as well as the backgrounds and roles of the members of Congress.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

US HIST: Field Trip Info

Where: Museum of Natural Science
Why: To see a Civil War Exhibit, 3-D Movie, and a Lunch all together
When: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 (10:00 am - 2:00 pm)
Cost: $27 (Everything, including food from McDonalds is included in the price)
Form Due: No later then Wednesday October 10, 2011
Can You Bring Your Own Lunch?: Yes, no price change
Can You Order More?: Yes, calculate the extra
Any Questions, Comments, and/or Concerns: Please let me know ASAP
If any Parent or Guardian wants to Accompany: Let me know ASAP, especially if you have not yet been cleared by HISD
I hope to see everyone there!

GOV: Week of October 10-14, 2011

VOCAB Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011): Franchise; Transient; Registration; Purge; Injunction; Gerrymandering; Independent; Gender Gap; Political Efficacy; Off-Year Election; Nomination; Runoff Primary; Absentee Voting; Coattail Effect; Precinct; Polling Place; Ballot; Political Action Committee (PAC); Subsidy; Soft Money; Hard Money
VOCAB Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011): Public Affairs; Public Opinion; Mass Media; Interest Group; Straw Vote; Sample; Public Agenda; Sound Bite; Trade Association; Labor Union; Propaganda; Single-Interest Group; Lobbying; Grass Roots
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Chapters 7-9; Page 143 #’s 1-3 (Due Thursday Oct 13, 2011); Page 158 #’s 1-4 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011); Part 1 Vocab (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011) and Part 2 Vocab (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011)

US HIST: Week of October 10-14, 2011

VOCAB Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011): Elisha Otis; Frederick Law Olmsted; Caroline Bartlett; City Beautiful Movement; Political Machines; Political Bosses; Graft; Kickbacks; Alexander Shepherd; George Washington Plunkitt; James Pendergast; William Marcy Tweed; Thomas Nast; Mugwumps; Stalwarts
VOCAB Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011): James A. Garfield; Chester A. Arthur; Pendleton Civil Service Act; Grover Cleveland; Benjamin Harrison; Cooperatives; Graduated Income Tax; Gold Standard; National Grange; Interstate Commerce Act; Mary Elizabeth Lease; Bland-Allison Act; Sherman Silver Purchase Act; James B. Weaver; Progressivism; Muckrakers
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Read Chapter 8; Complete the Vocabulary (Part 1 Due Friday Oct 14 and Part 2 Due Monday Oct 17, 2011); #3 on Pages 251 and 265 (Pg. 251 Due Thursday Oct 13, 2011 and Pg. 265 Due Monday Oct 17, 2011)

Monday, October 3, 2011

GOV: Work for the Week

VOCAB PART 1 (Due Friday October 7, 2011): Enabling Act; Act of Admission; Grants-in-Aid Program; Revenue Sharing; Categorical Grant; Block Grant; Project Grant; Interstate Compact; Full Faith and Credit Clause; Extradition; Privileges and Immunities Clause (From page 110)
VOCAB PART 2 (Due Monday October 10, 2011): Political Party; Major Parties; Partnership; Party in Power; Minor Party; Two-Party System; Single-Member District; Plurality; Bipartisan; Pluralistic Society; Consensus; Multiparty; Coalition; One-Party System; Incumbent; Faction; Electorate; Sectionalism; Ideological Parties; Single-Issue Parties; Economic Protest Parties; Splinter Parties; Ward; Precinct; Split-Ticket Voting (From page 144)
HOMEWORK: Pg. 75 #’s 1-2 (Due Wednesday); Pg. 78 #’s 1-4, Pg. 83 #’s 1-3 (Due Mon Oct 10)

US HIST: Work for the Week

Part 1 VOCAB: (DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 7, 2011) Bessemer Process; Patent; Thomas Alva Edison; Alexander Graham Bell; Lewis Latimer; Social Darwinism; Charles Darwin; Bourgeoisie; Communism; Vertical Integration; Horizontal Integration; Terence V. Powderly; Mary Harris Jones; Great Upheaval; Haymarket Riot; Eugene V. Debs
Part 2 VOCAB: (DUE MONDAY OCTOBER 10,2011) Old Immigrants; New Immigrants; Steerage; Benevolent Societies; Chinese Exclusion Act; Immigration Restriction League; Grover Cleveland; Skyscrapers; Mass Transit; Suburbs; Nouveau Riche; Conspicuous Consumption; Settlement Houses; Jane Addams; Social Gospel; Compulsory Education Laws; Yellow Journalism; Vaudeville;
Ragtime (Scott Joplin); John Dewey; Walter Camp; James Naismith         
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Read VOCAB from CH 6; Read CH 7; Complete VOCAB PT 1 - CH 6 (Due Friday); VOCAB PT 2 (Due next Monday); Pg. 206: Skill Building Strategies - Evaluating Historical Actions (write the prompt, 1-4; Read pgs. 203-204) and answer the questions (Due Thurs); TEST next TUESDAY over CH remaining VOCAB from CH 6 and ALL of CH 7

To ALL My Classes...

Your grades have been finalized. Please check GradeSpeed. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you know where to find me. Thanks for a good 1st 6-Weeks! Let's have an even better 2nd 6-Weeks!!!

US HIST: Syllabus for the Remainder of the Semester

WEEK 1(WEEK of OCT 3): Remaining CH 6 VOCAB; Industrialization; Immigrants; CH 7
WEEK 2 (WEEK of OCT 10): CH 7 - CH 8; Big Business; Politics in the Gilded Age
WEEK 3 (WEEK of OCT 17): CH 8 - CH 9; Age of Reform
WEEK 4 (WEEK of OCT 24): CH 9 - CH 10; Progressive Politicians
WEEK 5 (WEEK of OCT 31): CH 11; America and the World; Spanish-American War; WW1
3rd 6-WEEKS: (NOV - MID DEC)
WEEK 1 (WEEK of NOV 7): ELECTION WEEK; CH 12; WW1; Start of the Roaring 20’s
WEEK 2 (WEEK of NOV 14): CH 13-14; 1919-1929; 1920-1929; Great Depression
WEEK 3 (WEEK of NOV 21): CH 15; Great Depression
WEEK 4 (WEEK of NOV 28): CH 16; The New Deal; (start) WW2
WEEK 5 (WEEK of DEC 5): Preparation for 1st Semester Finals; Finish any unfinished topics/work
PROJECTS: One small fun one and a Research Paper Project that will be due a week before FINALS
MATERIALS NEEDED for CLASS: Binder; Pen; Pencil; Textbook; Handouts
TUTORIALS/EXTRA HELP: Lunch and After School EVERY DAY by request

GOV: Syllabus for the Remainder of the Semester

2nd 6-WEEKS:
WEEKS 1-2 (WEEKS of OCT 3 and OCT 10): CH 4: Federalism; CH 5: Political Parties; CH 6: Voters and Voter Behavior; CH 7: The Electoral Process; CH 8: VOCAB
WEEK 3 (WEEK of OCT 17): CH 9: Interest Groups; CH 10: Congress (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 4-8)
WEEK 4 (WEEK of OCT 24): CH 11: Powers of Congress; CH 12: Congress in Action (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 9-10)
WEEK 5 (WEEK of OCT 31): CH 13: Presidency; CH 14: Presidency in Action; CH 15: Bureaucracy (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 11-12 ); VOCAB from CHs 8; 16; 17
3rd 6-WEEKS:
WEEK 1 (WEEK of NOV 7): ELECTION WEEK; CH 18: Federal Court System (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 13-15)
WEEK 2 (WEEK of NOV 14): CH 19: Civil Liberties (1st Amendment); CH 20: Individual Rights
WEEK 3 (WEEK of NOV 21): CH 20: Individual Rights; CH 21: Civil Liberties
WEEK 4 (WEEK of NOV 28): CH 21: Civil Liberties; Overall Year Review (for FINALS)
PROJECTS: One in the middle of the 2nd 6-Weeks and one in the 3rd 6-Weeks
MATERIALS NEEDED for CLASS: Binder; Pen; Pencil; Textbook; Handouts

Saturday, October 1, 2011

US HIST: Test Grades

The test results are in and the grades (including the test corrections that we did in class) are posted in GradeSpeed. For anyone absent, the final day to take the Gilded Age Test will be on Monday. Overall, I've seen lots of progress being made! Most everyone is working extremely hard right now and doing great work! Good job students and now its time to start the 2nd 6-Weeks!

GOV: Test #2 Results

To my GOV students, I have graded your tests and the grades are posted on GradeSpeed. If you were absent on Friday, please be prepared to take the test on Monday. Grades are due Tuesday, so make sure that you come in and complete the test. Grades were overall quite good! No one failed and most made A's and B's. We will be doing test corrections on Monday in class. Students doing corrections will write out every missed question with the correct answer. Here's who qualifies:
A's: No test corrections
B's: Up to 5 Points
C's: Up to 10 Points
D's: Up to 15 Points