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Sunday, September 25, 2011

US HISTORY: Projects

I have completed grading every project that I have received and the grades are posted on GradeSpeed. Overall, the projects were fantastic! Everyone clearly put a lot of effort in and I'm very pleased. My only comment is that too many forgot to include a bibliography. I will let this slide this time, but from now on make sure that if you use something that you did not create, make sure that credit is given to your source(s). Plagiarism rules are always in effect and if proper credit is not given there will be big issues. Always make sure that you include some level of Bibliography or Works Cited (Title and Author), even if it is not specifically asked for. If you do not have a grade posted, I have not yet received your project. Please get them to me ASAP! We have lots to do, so please do not fall behind. Otherwise, all good! I'm so happy to see my student's creativity and hard work! You all did great!

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