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Saturday, September 24, 2011

US HIST: Final Week of the 1st 6-Weeks!

The end of the 1st 6-weeks is upon us. Wow, the school year is moving quickly! Last week in class we continued to learn about the Gilded Age and turned in the Civil War Projects. Many students stepped up their games this week and it was great to see! I'm still grading the projects, the grades will be posted in GradeSpeed shortly.

This week (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday) we are going to continue with the Gilded Age and focus on the Plains Indians, Immigration, Populism, and Urbanization and look at their Economic, Social/Cultural, and Political impacts. Test #2 covering Gilded Age Vocabulary and what we have learned so far will be Wednesday. Do not forget that Thursday school is off. 

By this weeks close, we need to make sure that everything is turned in, our binders are put together, and we are all good to go for the next 6-weeks. Many handouts will be given throughout the week, so make sure that you have your binder with you every day this week. Every week seems to get better and I'm extremely pleased with the overall progress that everyone has made so far. Four more days of this 6-weeks, let's do great work!

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