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Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Week in US HISTORY: September 19-23, 2011

Last week we were introduced to our new unit on The Gilded Age (1877-1900) and worked on our projects. This week we are finishing up the projects, which are due on Friday September 23, 2011, and really getting into the unit. Overall the work that I receive from my students has been great!!! Except that late work, and studying the material, continues to be an issue for some. Please keep up the hard work and make sure that you are staying on top of everything! There has been a slightly alarming rate of procrastination and not keeping up with the material. Make sure that you study your notes, vocabulary, and anything else that we have gone over in class (that is why I give this stuff to you)! Please also make sure that if you are having any issues or questions that you can always meet with me. I am around at almost every lunch and after school. I offered the chance for every single student to improve on their test grades and only 8 students (out of nearly 150) took me up on my offer. Grades are overall good, but there are too many individuals who have had countless opportunities to improve and have not taken advantage. I hope that this does not continue to be an issue.
This week we will be focusing on the ESP (Economic, Social, and Political) factors of the Gilded Age. We will learn new vocabulary, people, and issues of this time period. Monday, Tuesday, and at least part of Wednesday we will look at the economic issues. Thursday and Friday we will dissect the social issues. Next Monday and Tuesday we will focus on the political issues and then take our test. Students will need their binders, pen/pencil, and their textbooks every day. If you still have not gotten your textbook (this is just a few, but enough for me to have to say this) you are going to start to run into some issues. Please get your textbook ASAP! We will also be arranging our binders, working on writing for Social Studies, learning about research, and note-taking skills. There will be a warm up every day and some homework as well. Our classes will be packed full, so please come to each class prepared and ready to work!
There will be a quiz (on Tuesday) this week over the vocabulary from this past week. Next week there will be a test over the vocabulary next week and the material we will cover this week. The Gilded Age will close out our first 6-weeks. The next unit will be the Age of Imperialism and Reform.

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