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Monday, September 5, 2011

This Week in GOVERNMENT: September 6-9, 2011

This is the schedule for this week in US HISTORY. Things are always subject to change, but barring any craziness, this should be what we will accomplish this week:

Tuesday: September 6
- Warm Up: In what ways can GOVERNMENT affect our lives?
- Visual Vocabulary from Chapters 1-2
- Opportunity to ask questions about Chapters 1-2
- ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** On page 25 of your textbook, find questions 27 and 29 under the "Critical Thinking Skills" section. Be able to fully answer one (1) of these two questions by tomorrow (outlines may be written on the study guide).
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen, Textbook

Wednesday: September 7
- TEST #1: Chapters 1-2
Materials Needed: Pencil and something to read for when you have completed the test.

Thursday: September 8
- DEBATE #1: Red Light Cameras
- Find groups and topics
- Start Chapter 3
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen, Textbook

Friday: September 9
- Continue Chapter 3
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen

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