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Monday, September 5, 2011

Recap of the 1st Two Weeks of US HISTORY

Since I just recently started this class blog, I wanted to do a quick recap of what has occurred during the 1st two weeks of classes. This is to ensure that everyone knows what we have done before we move on.

CHAPTERS (in textbook): Chapter 3 (The Civil War) and Chapter 4 (Reconstruction)

GRADED WORK: 19th Amendment Paragraph; Chapter 3 Reviewing Main Ideas/Thinking Critically for TAKS, Chapters 3 and 4 Identifying People and Ideas (VOCAB); Quiz #1 (Chapters 3 and 4); and Chapters 3 and 4 class discussion.

TEACHER's THOUGHTS: So far so good! We started classes in Chapter 3 (with students reviewing Chapters 1-2) which discusses the Civil War and moved to Chapter 4, which discusses Reconstruction. My students have done lots of great work so far, which is very nice to see in the first couple of weeks when everyone is adjusting to being back and getting in to the grove of things. My only real issues have been students getting their textbooks and making sure that they read and review all material discussed in the textbooks. I have been bringing extra textbooks to class, but this, as promised, was only for the first couple of weeks. Make sure that all supplies needed for class are brought to class because students will be unable to fully participate without having what they need. This is especially important to ensure now because we are starting a project at the end of this upcoming week (Thursday and Friday).

Please also make sure that if there are any issues that students are having, tell me. Many students were offered the opportunity to retake QUIZ #1 if there grades were under a 70. Less than 5 students took advantage of this (there were at least 4 times as many who could have taken advantage). My retakes are quick, at lunch, and the student only has to demonstrate that they have learned the material that was missed. Full, long retakes are not offered since everyone is busy. I want to give every student the opportunity to have as good a grade as they can achieve.

The final issue is turning work in on time. I am fully aware that WE are ALL BUSY, but late work, especially from students who are not absent, cannot occur! Too many assignments were turned in late during these two weeks! Much kindness was given because it was the first two weeks of the school year, but starting Tuesday September 6, 2011, late work will be highly penalized. I do not do this to be mean, this is done because a big part about becoming an adult is to move away from procrastination towards being professionals who are organized and on top of all assignments. I understand that students have many responsibilities, and in turn, I am always willing to come to a compromise when situations arise. If you do not let me know that there is an issue, then I cannot help.

This is how the first two weeks of classes went and what we accomplished. I am overall very pleased and excited about the potential of my students!!! There is lots coming up including TEST #1, a Civil War Project, and Chapter 5. Make sure that you are good to go because class is really about to heat up!

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