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Monday, September 5, 2011

Recap of the 1st Two Weeks of GOVERNMENT

Since I just recently started this class blog, I wanted to do a quick recap of what has occurred during the 1st two weeks of classes. This is to ensure that everyone knows what we have done before we move on.

CHAPTERS (in textbook): Chapter 1 (Principles of Government) and Chapter 2 (Origins of American Government)

GRADED WORK: So... What Do You Know Quiz; Chapter 1 Vocabulary; Quiz #1 (Chapter 1); Class Discussion of Chapters 1-2.

TEACHER's THOUGHTS: So far, excellent! Just about every student has come to class fully prepared and done great work! Please know that I am very proud! Not too much late work, though there have been issues with students getting their textbooks. Please make sure that you have what you need. With my students being seniors, I understand that things will get a little hectic (to say the least) and we all need to ensure that organization and keeping up with all assignments and readings (watch out for procrastination - it will sink you fast) is of the utmost priority! Seniors have the difficulty of having to prepare for their future while simultaneously having to focus on the present. This is a difficult process for some, but know that I am here and am always willing to accommodate those who come and speak with me (Compromise is my favorite word). 

So far we have discussed Chapters 1 and 2. This Wednesday (September 7, 2011) will mark our first test, which will cover Chapters 1-2. Most everyone so far seems to have a good handle on the information. Tuesday September 6 will be our final discussion before the test. Make sure you have questions ready if you do not understand something.

As previously said, I am very pleased with my 5th Period GOV class! Students have been wonderful so far and I am truly excited to see what they can accomplish! Please make sure that you are good to go (please let me know if you ever are having any issues) because we are getting set to take tests, participate in debates, and do scholarly research. Stay tuned for more to come! 

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