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Saturday, September 24, 2011

GOVERNMENT: Final Week of the 1st 6-Weeks!

The last week of the 1st 6-weeks is upon us! This past week we debated Red Light Cameras and learned some new vocabulary. This week we will be learning about the Constitution, Federalism, and the vocabulary. On Friday we will have the Final Test (which will also be the final grade) for the 1st 6-weeks which will be covering the everything from last week and what is discussed Monday (Constitution), Tuesday (Federalism), and Wednesday (Federalism). We will be making sure our binders are good to go and get ready for our next unit as well. Be prepared, you will need your Binder, a Pen, and a Pencil on Friday. Lots of great work has been done so far! I'm very happy with everyone's work and I know we will do even more in the coming weeks.

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