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Friday, December 30, 2011

ALL CLASSES 1st Week Back Extra Credit Opportunity

Write something good that you did over break on a piece of paper with your name, date, and the period (all info must be included) for +2 on the 1st quiz. This extra credit is for all classes and is due the first day back from break.

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity 1st Week Back

The first movie will be Captain America (a fun way to help us get ready for our upcoming unit on WW2). I will let you know which day and room the first day we are back (probably Wednesday or Thursday). This one will be for +5 on the first quiz and is open to all my classes (US HISTORY or ECONOMICS).

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Finally Broke Down For Your Benefit...

After much bugging by my students, I have gotten a Twitter for you to follow. I'm @MintzBellaireHS. I hope that you enjoy and find it useful! I will post assignments, due dates, class news, etc. You will be required to follow the blog or the twitter during the Spring Semester (especially when our schedules get very busy during testing days). I hope that everyone's break has been great!!! You should know that your teacher had a wonderful birthday and has planned many good things for you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Make sure that you have checked your GradeSpeed to know your last 6-Weeks grade as well as your overall Fall Semester average. I hope that you enjoyed our 1st semester and are having a great break! Email me or leave comments if you have any questions that need to be answered during break. Stay tuned for more updates about Spring Semester.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Periods 2 and 5

Finals are graded and they are posted on GradeSpeed. Thanks for your hard work and see you next semester! Periods 3 and 7 tomorrow, and Period 4 on Thursday.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To Those Who Have Read My Class Blog

Thanks for reading my class blog! I hope that it was a useful and helpful tool in preparing for my class! Be prepared to use it much more often next semester (using the blog will be required during the 2nd semester - I will explain after break). Let's have a great week and finish up 1st semester as well as we can!

What to Bring to Finals

Starting Tuesday, here is what to bring (please only bring these items) to your FINAL in my class:
- Pencil (We are taking Scantron tests)
- Scratch Paper (If needed - We have class sets of the exam - NO WRITING ON THE EXAM)
- Something to Read (I will have magazines if needed - have something to do if you finish early)
- Extra Credit Assignments (If you have received any Extra Credit for the Final - turn in with your exam)
Thanks for your hard work! The items listed above are all you need to bring to class for your final.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

GOV: Finals Week December 12-16, 2011

What a very interesting first semester we have had in GOV! Students you learned a tremendous amount and did lots of great work (especially on the projects)! Now our GOV class is sadly coming to an end (we will start ECON next semester). Monday, our last regular day of this semester, we will go over as much of the study guide as we can. Tuesday, we take our final, and say our goodbyes for the semester. Thanks for your hard work! I am very pleased with the progress of my class!

US HIST: Finals Week December 12-16, 2011

Wow our first semester went by quick! I hope that it was as enjoyable to my students as it was to me! This week is Finals Week. Monday, our last regular day of this semester will be spent finishing going over the study guide in class and getting our minds right for the exam. Make sure you know when each of your finals is scheduled. Good luck students! You worked very hard and have made tremendous progress! Thanks for working with me during my first year here, your effort and kindness has been appreciated!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

US HIST: Final Midterm Extra Credit Opportunity

For +1 Extra Credit on the MIDTERM write "JAZZ AGE" on a piece of paper with your NAME, DATE, and the PERIOD and hand it to me during class on Monday December 5, 2011.

GOV: Final Midterm Extra Credit Opportunity

For +1 Extra Credit on the Final Exam, write the word "GOVERNMENT" on a sheet of paper with your name and give it to me in class on Monday December 5, 2011.

GOV: Study Guide

The study guide is completed and you will have it tomorrow (Monday December 5, 2011). Make sure that you have completed any missing work (if that applies to you) so that you are ready to start our final review!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

US HIST: Week of December 5-9, 2011

There are 2 important things this week: 1. WRITTEN PORTION OF THE MIDTERM and  2. STUDYING for the TEST PORTION OF THE MIDTERM. The written portion is on Tuesday. Monday we will discuss the Study Guide and practice writing and outlining. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we will be working on our Study Guides. Make sure that you bring your Study Guide each day (bring it for after the test to study). Make sure that you work on your outlines over this weekend and on Monday. Bring a PEN and paper on Tuesday. Do not procrastinate on any of this!!! Continue to work hard and there will be much success on the midterm!

GOV: Week of December 5-9, 2011

We will be working on material for the FINAL EXAM throughout the week. Everyday we will be working to make sure that all of the material that is on the test is known and understood. There will be a STUDY GUIDE given out Monday. Make sure that if you have any questions or concerns that you come to me in class, at lunch, or after school. Do not procrastinate! Be confident and do the great work that you know that you are capable of doing and you will do great on the final!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

US HIST: Work for the Week of Nov 28-Dec 2, 2011

This week we will be working on our OUTLINES for the written portion of our MIDTERM, starting on the STUDY GUIDES, and working on information about WORLD WAR 1, the 1920s, and the JAZZ AGE. The outline is due Monday November 28, 2011 for people that have not been absent. Those who have been absent your outline is due by Wednesday November 30, 2011 (make sure to come get your PROMPT on Monday in class, but know that you need to come meet with me at lunch or after school by Tuesday to ensure that you are all caught up). The completed STUDY GUIDE for +3 Extra Credit on the final will be due Monday December 5, 2011 (a change from what I said in class - I'm pushing it back, but you can turn it in whenever it is completed). I know that I have said this in class, but the reason that we are starting on our Midterm reviews a little early is so that your teacher can help those in need and to ensure that everyone is good to go well in advance of all midterms so that you can work on your other classes as well. Make sure that you do not procrastinate on this. Get ready for another good week of work!

GOV: Work for the Week of Nov 28-Dec 2,2011

This week we will work on Supreme Court Cases, First Amendment Freedoms (Chapter 19), Protecting Individual Rights (Chapter 20), and starting on our Final Reviews. Make sure that you have the Supreme Court Case homework on Monday. If you have been absent recently, make sure that you come meet with me at lunch or after school to make sure that you are all caught up (this is non-negotiable). Check your GradeSpeed for any missing assignments that you might have or to ensure that you are all caught up. Get ready for a good week!

GOV: Extra Credit Opportunity...

For +1 Extra Credit on the Midterm, write YOUR NAME and a SUPREME COURT CASE from the textbook on a piece of paper and give it to me by Tuesday November 29, 2011. I will not mention this in class, so it is up to you to remember to give it to me.

US HIST: Extra Credit Opportunity

For +1 Extra Credit on the Final, write YOUR NAME, PERIOD, and a term from the WORLD WAR 1 section of the FINALS REVIEW on a piece of paper and give it to me in class. This is due by Tuesday November 29, 2011. I will not mention this in class, so it us up to you to remember.

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity

This week's after school movie will be Super 8. There might be a second movie relating to World War 1 as well. I will announce the for sure date in class, most likely Tuesday. Hopefully you will be able to attend!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

GOV: Monday and Tuesday November 21-22, 2011

We have just 2 days this week! If you did not present your Presidential Project yet, come at lunch or after school (I will be around at both on both days). In class we will be discussing court cases and start to gear up for the Finals. Be prepared. A Study Guide for the finals will be distributed soon. Let's do great work and then have a great break!

US HIST: Monday and Tuesday November 21-22, 2011

Two more days till Thanksgiving Break! Until then, we will finish Chapter 11 and work a little with Chapters 12-14 (this will sound like a lot more than it really is - trust). I will be passing out Finals Review on Tuesday, be prepared! Do not forget what is due this week (Section Reviews 2-4 from Chapter 11 by Tuesday). Let's have a great 2-Day week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GOV: Link

If you need any help with the Presidential Poster and Sound Bite Project check out The Living Room Candidate. This site, which we viewed in class, has all presidential commercials from the last 50 years. Enjoyable and informative.

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity

Next Monday and Tuesday after school the movie "Avatar" will be screened to further our discussion on Imperialism. There will be bonus awarded for attendance. Some snacks will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own as well. Come enjoy a good movie and see what we are learning (in a futuristic way). Thanks to those who came today to see scenes from Saving Private Ryan, The Wizard of Oz, and Man V Food. After school movies will happen each week in room 317 for the remainder of the year. Make sure to check when they are occurring.

GOV: Thursday and Friday November 17-18, 2011

Chapter 14 is our current focus. We will finish the chapter in class Thursday. Section reviews will be due by Friday. The Presidential Campaign Poster and Sound Bite Project is due on Friday. Please make sure that you keep up with this work and do not procrastinate. There are many things coming up, including finals, and we all need to make sure that we are focused on the our work. While my GOV students do great work, distractions seem to be getting in the way. We will not start finals review until we have gone over everything on the syllabus. If you have any questions or need any help I am available every day at lunch and after school. Please make sure you take advantage if you are in need. I cannot wait to see the projects, I am excited!

US HIST: Thursday and Friday Nov 17-18, 2011

We are covering Chapter 11 sections 1-3. Section 1 review is due Friday. Section 2 review due Monday and Sections 3 and 4 due Tuesday. Make sure that you are keeping up. If you need any help or assistance, I am available at lunch and after school everyday. Please take advantage now and do not procrastinate with FINALS coming closer and closer. Finals review will start when we are done with these sections.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Sick...

To my wonderful students: I'm sick. I'm doing my best to be 100% for tomorrow, but I have been unable to finish everything this weekend. I apologize for that and will have your grades posted (everything is graded) on GradeSpeed shortly. There will be no homework slips tomorrow But in short here's the work:
US HIST: WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHY/HOW for sections 4-5 of Chapter 10 and section 4-5 reviews. This will be, along with last week's work, is what to study for the Chapter 10 quiz.
GOV: The Primary Source reading, court case reading, and the section review for Chapter 13. Do not forget that the Presidential Project is due Friday. There will not be much class time this week to work on it, so make sure that you keep up.
Thanks for the continued hard work of my students. So many have stepped up and done great work. Make sure you keep up because we have lots to do before FINALS!!!

+5 on Upcoming Quiz Opportunity... for GOV

On Tuesday November 15, 2011 come up to me and name a US President for +5 on an upcoming quiz. These extra credit opportunities are solely for those who read the class blog, so please continue to check for updates.

+5 on Upcoming Quiz Opportunity... for US HIST

Say the word "Reform" (from Chapters 9-10) on Tuesday November 15, 2011 for a +5 on the Chapter 10 quiz. These extra credit opportunities are solely for those who read the class blog, so please continue to check for updates.

Extra Credit After School Movie Opportunity

This Wednesday we will be viewing scenes from the Wizard of Oz and some other funny news. Come and its with a FREE HOMEWORK PASS. Hopefully see you there!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

GOV: Work for the Week of Nov. 7-11, 2011 (1st Week of the 3rd 6-Weeks)

1. Read Chapter 13 (Monday-Thursday Nov 7-10, 2011)
2. Read Chapter 14 (Friday Nov 11, 2011-Next Week)
- Questions will be asked, discussed, and debated throughout the week. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep up with the material. Section 1: Monday; Section 2: Tuesday; Section 3: Wednesday; Section 4: Thursday
3. Presidential Poster and Sound Byte Project: With presidential elections and nominations in the news, you will step in to the shoes of a presidential candidate. You will create a CAMPAIGN POSTER and 1 minute sound byte to convince me to vote for you.
CAMPAIGN POSTER: Create a poster for your campaign. Your poster has to have/be: 1. No smaller than a sheet of computer paper; 2. In color (from a computer or by hand); 3. Must have pictures and words; and 4. Must include a reason to vote for you and a slogan for your candidacy.
SOUND BYTE: In no more than 1 minute, lay out why  I should vote for you and include your slogan. Research past posters, sound bytes, and speeches. **Your grade will depend on how much you get me to want to vote for you.

US HIST: Work for the Week of Nov. 7-11, 2011 (1st Week of the 3rd 6-Weeks)

1. Read Chapter 10. We will start each section in class. FULLY reading the chapter is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
2. Questions for the Week: We will start these in class. ALL are DUE Friday Nov 11, 2011 (Put on 1 Page). Answer in complete sentences. Not writing in complete sentences will result in a reduction of points (even for perfect answers).
·         SECTION 1: 1. What were the strengths of the city-commission and city-manager forms of government?
·         SECTION 1: 2. How did the Wisconsin Idea lay the foundation for further reforms?
·         SECTION 2: 3. How did the Square Deal reflect President Theodore Roosevelt’s approach to government?
·         SECTION 3: 4. What failures and success did President Taft experience during his term in office?
·         SECTION 4: 5. How did women’s suffrage leaders achieve success?
·         GOVERNMENT: How did reformers seek to limit the power of big business and make government more democratic in the early 1900s?
·         ECONOMICS: How did President Roosevelt attempt to regulate business without discouraging free enterprise?
·         CONSTITUTIONAL HERITAGE: Why were the 16th, 17th, and 19th Amendments to the US Constitution adopted?
Other HOMEWORK will be decided on a day by day basis, depending on how far we get each day, homework will be finishing ANYTHING NOT FINISHED IN CLASS, READING THE CHAPTER (10), and ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK. There will be a CHAPTER 10 TEST next TUESDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2011. Please do not procrastinate on studying.

Free Homework Pass Opportunity for Monday Nov 7, 2011

Come up to me before class, after class, at lunch, or after school on Monday November 7, 2011 and say "History Rocks" for a FREE HOMEWORK PASS. Pay attention for these opportunities throughout the remainder of the school year.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

2nd 6-Weeks Grades

Final grades for the 2nd 6-Weeks are now posted on GradeSpeed. Please check your grade.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

US HIST: Work for the Week Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011

**Please note that this is the final week of this 6-Weeks. Make sure ALL WORK is turned in!**
VOCABULARY (DUE FRIDAY NOV 4, 2011): Arbitration, Reclamation, Theodore Roosevelt, Square Deal, Upton Sinclair, Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Gifford Pinchot, National Park Service, 16th Amendment
1.       Vocabulary (Last Week’s Due Tuesday and This Week’s Due Friday)
2.       Study the Understanding Main Ideas on Page 294 (#’s 1-6) for Quiz on Friday
3.       Read Chapter 10 (By Thursday)
4.       Find an Article About the Upcoming Election (Due Friday)
CLASSWORK: Citizens United Supreme Court Case News Video (Bias and Messages); Election Coverage; Chapter 9 Discussion/Debate; Start Chapter 10
OBJECTIVES/THEMES: Reforming the New Industrial Order; Reforming Society; Reforming Government; Roosevelt and the Square Deal; Reform Under Taft; Wilson’s “New Freedom”

GOV: Work for the Week of Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011

**Please note that this is the final week of this 6-Weeks. Make sure ALL WORK is turned in!**
1.       Read Chapters 11 and 12 (Through next week – DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!!) (Next Week CHs 13-14)
2.       Complete Committee to Pass a Bill Assignment
3.       Study page 345 in your textbook for the How to Pass a Bill Quiz on Friday
1.       Watch Citizens United Video (Where’s the Bias and What’s the Message)
2.       Work on Committee to Pass a Bill Assignment (Due Wednesday/Thursday)
3.       Committee Presentations (Wednesday/Thursday)
4.       How to Pass a Bill Quiz (Friday Nov 4, 2011)
5.       Start Presidential Signs and Sound Bites Project (for next week)
OBJECTIVES/THEMES: How Congress Organizes, Committees in Congress, How a Bill Becomes Law, Bills in the Senate, The Scope of Congressional Powers, The Expressed Powers of Money and Commerce, Other Expressed Powers, The Implied Powers, The Nonlegislative Powers

Important Note About This Week!

This week, Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011, is the final week of the 2nd 6-Weeks. Please make sure that any missing, or late, work is turned in. Any work not turned in by Friday Nov 4, 2011 will be counted as "Missing" and you will receive a "0" for any missing work. Check your GradeSpeed, or come and meet me at lunch or after school, if you are unsure of your current status. Students you have done a lot of good work! Make sure that you are caught up in ALL CLASSES and are good to go for the 3rd, and final, 6-Weeks of this semester! I will be around at lunch and after school each day this week if any tutorials or assistance is needed. Please meet with me if you would like to schedule a time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Field Trip

Thanks to all my students and chaperones who accompanied me and Coach Durning on our Field Trip! I hope that everyone enjoyed! Without all of you this would not have been possible, so thanks to everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

US HIST: Week of October 24-28, 2011

Vocabulary (Due Monday October 31, 2011): (*Note: We will be discussing Chapter 10 next week - Starting Monday October 31, 2011) Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, Robert M. La Follette, Wisconsin Idea, Direct Primary, Initiative, Referendum, Recall, 17th Amendment
Age of Reform Research Questions (Due Monday October 31, 2011):
Directions: Using Chapter 9, and if you want - any other research material(s) that you can find, answer the following two questions with proof (three corroborating pieces of evidence that helps support your claim - from your textbook or another source). Yes and No only answers are not acceptable. Fully explain and/or elaborate on your answers to receive full credit (this assignment is a Quiz Grade).
1. During the Age of Reform, Progressives fought for many causes. These included protecting Urban Workers, Reforming the Workplace, Protecting Female and Child Laborers, and Cleaning up Cities (through Moral, Physical, Better City Planning, and Attacking Racial Discrimination). All these policies raise the following question: Were these reforms meant to improve society or promote social control?
2. When we think about the Age of Reform from today’s vantage point, one characteristic of that earlier time is how much legislation (reforms) was passed. Why are there some periods when reforms can pass with ease and other times (think of today) when it is seems much less possible?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

US HIST: Week of October 17-21, 2011

Vocabulary Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 21, 2011): McClure’s Magazine; Lincoln Steffens; Ida Tarbell; Ray Stannard Baker; Theodore Dreiser; Edith Wharton; Herbert Croly; Freedom of Contract; Closed Shop; Socialism; Open Shop; Florence Kelley; Triangle Shirtwaist Fire; Rose Schneiderman; Muller VS Oregon; Louis D. Brandeis; International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union; Industrial Workers of the World; William “Big Bill” Haywood
Vocabulary Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 24, 2011): Prohibition; Lawrence Veiller; Daniel Burnham; Women’s Christian Temperance Union; Billy Sunday; Frances Willard; 18th Amendment; W.E.B. Dubois; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); National Urban League; Society of American Indians; Americanization
Homework: Read Chapters 8-9 (Section 1 (Both CHs) on Mon; Section 2 Tues; Section 3 Wed-Thurs); Page 169 #2 (Due Thursday Oct 23, 2011); Page 258 #3 (Due Friday Oct 24, 2011); Page 279 #3 (Due Monday Oct 24, 2011)
Class Work: Page 176: #3; Page 285: #3; Page 293: #3
Main Ideas: The Creation of a Reservation System for American Indians; The Westward Migration of American Settlers; The Spread of Government Corruption; The Rise of Reform Movements; The Rise of the Progressive Movement; The Election of Reform-Minded Politicians

GOV: Week of October 17-21, 2011

Vocabulary Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 21, 2011): Term; Session; Adjourn; Prologue; Special Session; Apportion; Reapportion; At-Large; Continuous Body; Trustee; Politico; Oversight Function; Franking Privilege; Colleague
Vocabulary Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 24, 2011): Strict Constructionist; Liberal Constructionist; Tax; Direct Tax; Indirect Tax; Deficit Financing; Public Debt; Commerce Power; Legal Tender; Bankruptcy; Copyright; Patent; Eminent Domain; Appropriate; Necessary and Proper Clause; Doctrine; Successor; Impeach; Acquit; Perjury; Censure; Subpoena
Homework: Read Chapters 9-10 (Mon-Wed); Analyzing Political Cartoons #’s 1-2 on Pages 175, 205, and 257 (Pages 175 and 205 Due Thursday Oct 23, 2011; Page 257 Due Monday Oct 24, 2011)
Main Ideas: Interest Groups (CH 9): The many private organizations that seek to influence the shaping of American public policy; Congress (CH 10): The structure and functions of the two houses of Congress, as well as the backgrounds and roles of the members of Congress.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

US HIST: Field Trip Info

Where: Museum of Natural Science
Why: To see a Civil War Exhibit, 3-D Movie, and a Lunch all together
When: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 (10:00 am - 2:00 pm)
Cost: $27 (Everything, including food from McDonalds is included in the price)
Form Due: No later then Wednesday October 10, 2011
Can You Bring Your Own Lunch?: Yes, no price change
Can You Order More?: Yes, calculate the extra
Any Questions, Comments, and/or Concerns: Please let me know ASAP
If any Parent or Guardian wants to Accompany: Let me know ASAP, especially if you have not yet been cleared by HISD
I hope to see everyone there!

GOV: Week of October 10-14, 2011

VOCAB Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011): Franchise; Transient; Registration; Purge; Injunction; Gerrymandering; Independent; Gender Gap; Political Efficacy; Off-Year Election; Nomination; Runoff Primary; Absentee Voting; Coattail Effect; Precinct; Polling Place; Ballot; Political Action Committee (PAC); Subsidy; Soft Money; Hard Money
VOCAB Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011): Public Affairs; Public Opinion; Mass Media; Interest Group; Straw Vote; Sample; Public Agenda; Sound Bite; Trade Association; Labor Union; Propaganda; Single-Interest Group; Lobbying; Grass Roots
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Chapters 7-9; Page 143 #’s 1-3 (Due Thursday Oct 13, 2011); Page 158 #’s 1-4 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011); Part 1 Vocab (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011) and Part 2 Vocab (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011)

US HIST: Week of October 10-14, 2011

VOCAB Part 1 (Due Friday Oct 14, 2011): Elisha Otis; Frederick Law Olmsted; Caroline Bartlett; City Beautiful Movement; Political Machines; Political Bosses; Graft; Kickbacks; Alexander Shepherd; George Washington Plunkitt; James Pendergast; William Marcy Tweed; Thomas Nast; Mugwumps; Stalwarts
VOCAB Part 2 (Due Monday Oct 17, 2011): James A. Garfield; Chester A. Arthur; Pendleton Civil Service Act; Grover Cleveland; Benjamin Harrison; Cooperatives; Graduated Income Tax; Gold Standard; National Grange; Interstate Commerce Act; Mary Elizabeth Lease; Bland-Allison Act; Sherman Silver Purchase Act; James B. Weaver; Progressivism; Muckrakers
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Read Chapter 8; Complete the Vocabulary (Part 1 Due Friday Oct 14 and Part 2 Due Monday Oct 17, 2011); #3 on Pages 251 and 265 (Pg. 251 Due Thursday Oct 13, 2011 and Pg. 265 Due Monday Oct 17, 2011)

Monday, October 3, 2011

GOV: Work for the Week

VOCAB PART 1 (Due Friday October 7, 2011): Enabling Act; Act of Admission; Grants-in-Aid Program; Revenue Sharing; Categorical Grant; Block Grant; Project Grant; Interstate Compact; Full Faith and Credit Clause; Extradition; Privileges and Immunities Clause (From page 110)
VOCAB PART 2 (Due Monday October 10, 2011): Political Party; Major Parties; Partnership; Party in Power; Minor Party; Two-Party System; Single-Member District; Plurality; Bipartisan; Pluralistic Society; Consensus; Multiparty; Coalition; One-Party System; Incumbent; Faction; Electorate; Sectionalism; Ideological Parties; Single-Issue Parties; Economic Protest Parties; Splinter Parties; Ward; Precinct; Split-Ticket Voting (From page 144)
HOMEWORK: Pg. 75 #’s 1-2 (Due Wednesday); Pg. 78 #’s 1-4, Pg. 83 #’s 1-3 (Due Mon Oct 10)

US HIST: Work for the Week

Part 1 VOCAB: (DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 7, 2011) Bessemer Process; Patent; Thomas Alva Edison; Alexander Graham Bell; Lewis Latimer; Social Darwinism; Charles Darwin; Bourgeoisie; Communism; Vertical Integration; Horizontal Integration; Terence V. Powderly; Mary Harris Jones; Great Upheaval; Haymarket Riot; Eugene V. Debs
Part 2 VOCAB: (DUE MONDAY OCTOBER 10,2011) Old Immigrants; New Immigrants; Steerage; Benevolent Societies; Chinese Exclusion Act; Immigration Restriction League; Grover Cleveland; Skyscrapers; Mass Transit; Suburbs; Nouveau Riche; Conspicuous Consumption; Settlement Houses; Jane Addams; Social Gospel; Compulsory Education Laws; Yellow Journalism; Vaudeville;
Ragtime (Scott Joplin); John Dewey; Walter Camp; James Naismith         
HOMEWORK: (For the Week) Read VOCAB from CH 6; Read CH 7; Complete VOCAB PT 1 - CH 6 (Due Friday); VOCAB PT 2 (Due next Monday); Pg. 206: Skill Building Strategies - Evaluating Historical Actions (write the prompt, 1-4; Read pgs. 203-204) and answer the questions (Due Thurs); TEST next TUESDAY over CH remaining VOCAB from CH 6 and ALL of CH 7

To ALL My Classes...

Your grades have been finalized. Please check GradeSpeed. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you know where to find me. Thanks for a good 1st 6-Weeks! Let's have an even better 2nd 6-Weeks!!!

US HIST: Syllabus for the Remainder of the Semester

WEEK 1(WEEK of OCT 3): Remaining CH 6 VOCAB; Industrialization; Immigrants; CH 7
WEEK 2 (WEEK of OCT 10): CH 7 - CH 8; Big Business; Politics in the Gilded Age
WEEK 3 (WEEK of OCT 17): CH 8 - CH 9; Age of Reform
WEEK 4 (WEEK of OCT 24): CH 9 - CH 10; Progressive Politicians
WEEK 5 (WEEK of OCT 31): CH 11; America and the World; Spanish-American War; WW1
3rd 6-WEEKS: (NOV - MID DEC)
WEEK 1 (WEEK of NOV 7): ELECTION WEEK; CH 12; WW1; Start of the Roaring 20’s
WEEK 2 (WEEK of NOV 14): CH 13-14; 1919-1929; 1920-1929; Great Depression
WEEK 3 (WEEK of NOV 21): CH 15; Great Depression
WEEK 4 (WEEK of NOV 28): CH 16; The New Deal; (start) WW2
WEEK 5 (WEEK of DEC 5): Preparation for 1st Semester Finals; Finish any unfinished topics/work
PROJECTS: One small fun one and a Research Paper Project that will be due a week before FINALS
MATERIALS NEEDED for CLASS: Binder; Pen; Pencil; Textbook; Handouts
TUTORIALS/EXTRA HELP: Lunch and After School EVERY DAY by request

GOV: Syllabus for the Remainder of the Semester

2nd 6-WEEKS:
WEEKS 1-2 (WEEKS of OCT 3 and OCT 10): CH 4: Federalism; CH 5: Political Parties; CH 6: Voters and Voter Behavior; CH 7: The Electoral Process; CH 8: VOCAB
WEEK 3 (WEEK of OCT 17): CH 9: Interest Groups; CH 10: Congress (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 4-8)
WEEK 4 (WEEK of OCT 24): CH 11: Powers of Congress; CH 12: Congress in Action (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 9-10)
WEEK 5 (WEEK of OCT 31): CH 13: Presidency; CH 14: Presidency in Action; CH 15: Bureaucracy (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 11-12 ); VOCAB from CHs 8; 16; 17
3rd 6-WEEKS:
WEEK 1 (WEEK of NOV 7): ELECTION WEEK; CH 18: Federal Court System (Tuesday: TEST over CHs 13-15)
WEEK 2 (WEEK of NOV 14): CH 19: Civil Liberties (1st Amendment); CH 20: Individual Rights
WEEK 3 (WEEK of NOV 21): CH 20: Individual Rights; CH 21: Civil Liberties
WEEK 4 (WEEK of NOV 28): CH 21: Civil Liberties; Overall Year Review (for FINALS)
PROJECTS: One in the middle of the 2nd 6-Weeks and one in the 3rd 6-Weeks
MATERIALS NEEDED for CLASS: Binder; Pen; Pencil; Textbook; Handouts

Saturday, October 1, 2011

US HIST: Test Grades

The test results are in and the grades (including the test corrections that we did in class) are posted in GradeSpeed. For anyone absent, the final day to take the Gilded Age Test will be on Monday. Overall, I've seen lots of progress being made! Most everyone is working extremely hard right now and doing great work! Good job students and now its time to start the 2nd 6-Weeks!

GOV: Test #2 Results

To my GOV students, I have graded your tests and the grades are posted on GradeSpeed. If you were absent on Friday, please be prepared to take the test on Monday. Grades are due Tuesday, so make sure that you come in and complete the test. Grades were overall quite good! No one failed and most made A's and B's. We will be doing test corrections on Monday in class. Students doing corrections will write out every missed question with the correct answer. Here's who qualifies:
A's: No test corrections
B's: Up to 5 Points
C's: Up to 10 Points
D's: Up to 15 Points

Thursday, September 29, 2011

US HISTORY: Friday September 30, 2011

Tomorrow, Friday, we will have our BINDER CHECK, WARM UP CHECK (the FINAL 2 GRADES of the 1st 6-Weeks) and you will have your LAST CHANCE FOR MAKE UPS AND TO TURN IN ANY MISSING WORK. After 3:30 PM TOMORROW, no more late work will be accepted for the 1st 6-Weeks. The goal for tomorrow is to be all set up for the next 6-Weeks. Please come prepared and have a great Thursday Holiday!

GOV: Tomorrow's Test

Class, make sure that you study your vocabulary for the TEST tomorrow (Friday September 30, 2011). Also make sure that you have your BINDER, for the BINDER CHECK, and a PENCIL as well.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

US HISTORY: Projects

I have completed grading every project that I have received and the grades are posted on GradeSpeed. Overall, the projects were fantastic! Everyone clearly put a lot of effort in and I'm very pleased. My only comment is that too many forgot to include a bibliography. I will let this slide this time, but from now on make sure that if you use something that you did not create, make sure that credit is given to your source(s). Plagiarism rules are always in effect and if proper credit is not given there will be big issues. Always make sure that you include some level of Bibliography or Works Cited (Title and Author), even if it is not specifically asked for. If you do not have a grade posted, I have not yet received your project. Please get them to me ASAP! We have lots to do, so please do not fall behind. Otherwise, all good! I'm so happy to see my student's creativity and hard work! You all did great!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

GOVERNMENT: Final Week of the 1st 6-Weeks!

The last week of the 1st 6-weeks is upon us! This past week we debated Red Light Cameras and learned some new vocabulary. This week we will be learning about the Constitution, Federalism, and the vocabulary. On Friday we will have the Final Test (which will also be the final grade) for the 1st 6-weeks which will be covering the everything from last week and what is discussed Monday (Constitution), Tuesday (Federalism), and Wednesday (Federalism). We will be making sure our binders are good to go and get ready for our next unit as well. Be prepared, you will need your Binder, a Pen, and a Pencil on Friday. Lots of great work has been done so far! I'm very happy with everyone's work and I know we will do even more in the coming weeks.

US HIST: Final Week of the 1st 6-Weeks!

The end of the 1st 6-weeks is upon us. Wow, the school year is moving quickly! Last week in class we continued to learn about the Gilded Age and turned in the Civil War Projects. Many students stepped up their games this week and it was great to see! I'm still grading the projects, the grades will be posted in GradeSpeed shortly.

This week (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday) we are going to continue with the Gilded Age and focus on the Plains Indians, Immigration, Populism, and Urbanization and look at their Economic, Social/Cultural, and Political impacts. Test #2 covering Gilded Age Vocabulary and what we have learned so far will be Wednesday. Do not forget that Thursday school is off. 

By this weeks close, we need to make sure that everything is turned in, our binders are put together, and we are all good to go for the next 6-weeks. Many handouts will be given throughout the week, so make sure that you have your binder with you every day this week. Every week seems to get better and I'm extremely pleased with the overall progress that everyone has made so far. Four more days of this 6-weeks, let's do great work!


The Red Light Camera Debates went fantastic!!! Everyone did a great job and really showed off a lot of talent! The grades have been posted in GradeSpeed and I am truly proud of my class! We will have another debate next 6-weeks and do it even bigger and better. Be proud of yourselves my GOV class, you did great work!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Week in US HISTORY: September 19-23, 2011

Last week we were introduced to our new unit on The Gilded Age (1877-1900) and worked on our projects. This week we are finishing up the projects, which are due on Friday September 23, 2011, and really getting into the unit. Overall the work that I receive from my students has been great!!! Except that late work, and studying the material, continues to be an issue for some. Please keep up the hard work and make sure that you are staying on top of everything! There has been a slightly alarming rate of procrastination and not keeping up with the material. Make sure that you study your notes, vocabulary, and anything else that we have gone over in class (that is why I give this stuff to you)! Please also make sure that if you are having any issues or questions that you can always meet with me. I am around at almost every lunch and after school. I offered the chance for every single student to improve on their test grades and only 8 students (out of nearly 150) took me up on my offer. Grades are overall good, but there are too many individuals who have had countless opportunities to improve and have not taken advantage. I hope that this does not continue to be an issue.
This week we will be focusing on the ESP (Economic, Social, and Political) factors of the Gilded Age. We will learn new vocabulary, people, and issues of this time period. Monday, Tuesday, and at least part of Wednesday we will look at the economic issues. Thursday and Friday we will dissect the social issues. Next Monday and Tuesday we will focus on the political issues and then take our test. Students will need their binders, pen/pencil, and their textbooks every day. If you still have not gotten your textbook (this is just a few, but enough for me to have to say this) you are going to start to run into some issues. Please get your textbook ASAP! We will also be arranging our binders, working on writing for Social Studies, learning about research, and note-taking skills. There will be a warm up every day and some homework as well. Our classes will be packed full, so please come to each class prepared and ready to work!
There will be a quiz (on Tuesday) this week over the vocabulary from this past week. Next week there will be a test over the vocabulary next week and the material we will cover this week. The Gilded Age will close out our first 6-weeks. The next unit will be the Age of Imperialism and Reform.

This Week in GOVERNMENT: September 19-23, 2011

Last week we prepared for our debates, and learned a little about nomination processes for elected officials and passing legislation. This week, and next, we will hold our Debates (Monday-Wednesday), learn about the Constitution (Chapter 3), Federalism (Chapter 4), and Political Parties (Chapter 5), as well as a couple of important Supreme Court cases. These subjects will close our first 6-weeks and start the next. There will be a quiz at the end of this week and a test next week. Be prepared to take some notes, read some articles and the textbook, learn some new vocabulary, write your thoughts on several items that we will discuss, and start on our next class project at the end of next week. I would like to state that overall I am quite impressed with my 5th Period GOV class! I have seen lots of great work and my students are wonderful to work with. Now, some are procrastinating and talking to their friends in class way too much. It is time to ensure that we are all good to go because we have many busy days ahead (and not just in this class). Make sure that you have your textbook Monday, Thursday, and Friday, as well as a pen and paper every day. We will also make sure all of our binders are arranged and that we are all prepared to end this 6-weeks and start the next 6-weeks. Do not forget that if you ever need any help, or are having issues, please come and see me. I'm available at most every lunch and after school. Do not let your grade suffer because you would rather hang out with your friends!!! This is our plan/schedule. Let's finish this 6-weeks strong!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

GOV: Important New Info for the Debate!

The current issue of the Houston Press (click on link to see the article) has a very interesting piece on the red light camera issue, the men who fought to take them down, and the mayor's actions in all of this. There are many good facts and statistics that can help every group with the debate. I will bring copies to class on Monday so everyone can look them over before we get started. Sorry about this being discovered right before the debate, I just found it. Please enjoy and I hope that this helps!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

US HISTORY: September 12-16, 2011

WARM UP: We just discussed the Civil War and Reconstruction which marks the beginning of the Modern Era in the US. Today we move to a new Unit: The Gilded Age. You have also started your projects. Write a paragraph about what work you have done and what work you will be doing this week.
OVERVIEW/OBJECTIVE: The Gilded Age This unit uses a conceptual lens of ESP (Economic, Social, and Political) change to explore the impact of expansion, industrialization, immigration and urbanization on Native Americans, workers, immigrants, and big business in the Gilded Age of the late 19th century.
·         Industrialization and innovations/inventions increase productivity and create both positive and negative ESP change.
·         A variety of push/pull factors influence immigration/migration and urbanization patterns.
·         The motivation for expansion is often fueled by profit and at times leads to cultural conflict and denial of individual rights.
1) Warm Up
2) Break into groups for 5-10 mins to discuss/work on projects
3) Copy down Overview/Objective and Essential Understandings for this Unit
4) Vocabulary TAGXEDO
5) Introduce the GILDED AGE: The period from 1877 to 1900, named by Mark Twain, prosperous on the outside but corrupt and unequal beneath of the surface.
6) ESP (Economic, Social, and Political); ESPN (Economic, Social, Political, and eNvironmental)
7) See pics dealing with Economic Issues in the GILDED AGE.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Binder; Pen; Textbook
HOMEWORK: Continue to work on Civil War Project (DUE FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2011); Define: Industrialization, Transcontinental Railroad, Labor Unions, Farm Issues (pg. 259), Free Enterprise, Big Business, Laissez-Faire Capitalism , and Entrepreneurship (DUE WEDNESDAY)

MATERIALS NEEDED: Pen; Something to take NOTES on

WARM UP: Answer one (1): 1. What push/pull factors led to increased immigration and rapid urbanization in the late 19th century? 2. How did these population shifts affect life in American cities?
1) Grades Back/Warm Up
2) Work on projects for 5-10 mins
3) Continue with the Gilded Age
4) Populism; The Populist Movement
5) View population charts
MATERIALS NEEDED: Binder; Pen; Textbook
HOMEWORK: Continue working on Project; Define: Robber Barons, George Westinghouse, Cornelius Vanderbilt, George Pullman, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan (DUE FRIDAY)

WARM UP: Why were the Gilded Age titans of industry often referred to as robber barons?
1) Warm Up
2) Continue with the Gilded Age
3) Immigration and Political Issues
4) Graphic Organizer for Political Issues
5) Sherman Anti-Trust Act
MATERIALS NEEDED: Binder; Pen, Textbook

HOMEWORK: Continue working on Project and definitions (definitions due Friday)

1) Library
HOMEWORK: Continue working on Project (DUE in 1 WEEK)

GOV: September 12-16, 2011

WARM UP: What work did you do for the debate this weekend? What work do you still have to do for the debate? Answer in a paragraph.
OVERVIEW: Legislative and Executive Branches of Government – This unit explores the concepts of representation, power, and cooperation by examining the constitutional requirements and responsibilities for those seeking election to federal, state, and local offices.
·         Elected representatives are often given the power to carry out law making processes and are limited through systematic checks and balances.
·         The principles of federalism, checks and balances, and separation of powers help determine division of power in a limited government
·         In a limited government, voting is one way that citizens exercise their popular sovereignty.
·         Legislative and executive power is subject to financial constraints, bureaucratic capability, and bureaucratic cooperation.
·         Federalism and the ideas of delegated, shared and concurrent, and reserved power help distribute power and responsibility between and among levels of government.
1) Warm Up
2) Break into groups for 10 mins to work on DEBATE
3) Finish up Chapter 2 and transition to Chapter 3
4) Graphic Organizer: The Election Process
5) Create a FLOW CHART or other graphic organizer detail the process for drafting and passing legislation including the checks and balances provided in that process.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Binder; Pen; Textbook
HOMEWORK: Continue working on DEBATE; finish flow chart.

WARM UP: How do governments finance themselves?
1) Warm Up
2) Work on Debates for 10 mins
3) Pass out Test Grades; Discuss
4) Government Economics
HOMEWORK: Work on Debate and any unfinished work.

WARM UP: How is the implementation of legislative and executive power hindered by financial constraints, bureaucratic capability, and bureaucratic cooperation?
1) Warm Up
2) Work on Debate 15 mins
3) Graphic Organizer (Venn Diagram) , or other graphic organizer, that compares the structure and functions of the government of Texas to that of the national government.
4) Federalism
MATERIALS NEEDED: Binder; Pen; Textbook
HOMEWORK: Work on Debate and any unfinished work.

WARM UP: Answer one (1) of the two questions: 1. How does federalism contribute to the distribution of power between and among national, state, and local governments? How do the delegated, shared and concurrent, and reserved powers afforded to federal [national] and state/local governments differ? (Look up in textbook) 2. Why is the concept of federalism so critical in a limited government?
1) Warm Up
2) Elections and Leaders
3) Think/Pair/Share
MATERIALS NEEDED: Binder; Pen; Textbook
HOMEWORK: Work on Debate and any unfinished work.



We will discuss in class.


We will discuss in class.

To My Classes

Writing Tips for Social Studies Classes: This is helpful to better understand what Social Studies questions ask students. This will soon be a handout for our binders. Please enjoy because this will really help and was written by our Social Studies Department Head Mr. Peek.

Adapted from Timed Writing Practice: Comparative Essay developed by Chris Peek at Bellaire High School, Bellaire, TX.

Successful Social Studies essays have an underlying shared core structure. This core plays an essential role in a student’s ability to construct a logical argument. This core consists of a thesis, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. The following steps help guide students through the process of understanding the formal writing prompt.

1. Determine the task: What are you being asked to do?

Examples of possible task words which often appear in essay prompts:
The process of separating the parts of a given topic into its component parts in order to examine each part in detail and to reach a conclusion or determine the relationship of the parts to the whole topic.
The process of presenting a case for and/or against a particular proposition.
The process of determining the importance or validity of a topic/statement/idea; to judge the worth of something through examination.
The process of examining a given topic(s) for the purpose of determining similarities AND differences.
The process of showing points of difference between two or more topics/events/ideas.
The process of examining a subject closely to present arguments for and against in order to reach a conclusion; to present in detail for examination in order to reach a conclusion.
The process of making a judgment about the worth or value of something based on evidence and stated including one’s opinion.
The process of explaining the meaning of something in clear, explicit terms.
The process of proving something to be right or valid in order to absolve from possible guilt.

2. Determine the parameters of the prompt: What dates, places, people, ideas, and/or events are mentioned specifically?

3. Identify the key terms: What key words such as economics, nationalism, and/or gender are included in the prompt?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GOV Class on Friday September 9, 2011

We will now meet in the Library instead of in our classroom to do research for our 1st debate. We will discuss is in class.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To my classes... Important Info for Thursday September 8, 2011

Due to New Teacher Orientation training, I will be absent on Thursday. I truly wish this was not occurring this week. I'm sorry about the late news, I just found this out. The project will be pushed back one day. We will still meet in the Library on Friday and start the project then. We will discuss this after the test tomorrow.

Monday, September 5, 2011

This Week in GOVERNMENT: September 6-9, 2011

This is the schedule for this week in US HISTORY. Things are always subject to change, but barring any craziness, this should be what we will accomplish this week:

Tuesday: September 6
- Warm Up: In what ways can GOVERNMENT affect our lives?
- Visual Vocabulary from Chapters 1-2
- Opportunity to ask questions about Chapters 1-2
- ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** On page 25 of your textbook, find questions 27 and 29 under the "Critical Thinking Skills" section. Be able to fully answer one (1) of these two questions by tomorrow (outlines may be written on the study guide).
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen, Textbook

Wednesday: September 7
- TEST #1: Chapters 1-2
Materials Needed: Pencil and something to read for when you have completed the test.

Thursday: September 8
- DEBATE #1: Red Light Cameras
- Find groups and topics
- Start Chapter 3
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen, Textbook

Friday: September 9
- Continue Chapter 3
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen

This Week in US HISTORY: September 6-9, 2011

This is the schedule for this week in US HISTORY. Things are always subject to change, but barring any craziness, this should be what we will accomplish this week:

Tuesday, September 6:
- Visuals from the Civil War and Reconstruction
- Dissecting the differences in the presidencies of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson
- Opportunity to ask questions before the test.
- ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** On page 154 of your textbook find questions 1-3 under the "Thinking Critically for TAKS" questions. Be able to fully answer one (1) of these questions by tomorrow (outlines may be written on the study guide).
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen, Textbook

Wednesday, September 7:
- Test #1: Chapters 3-4
Materials Needed: Pencil and something to read when you are done with the test.

Thursday, September 8:
- Civil War Project (introduced to class with the opportunity to find topic and find groups or remain solo with letting me know what topic you are choosing and if you are working in a group).
- How to do a Research Project
- How to find and judge sources found for Project
- How to write outlines
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen, Textbook

Friday, September 9:
- Meet in the LIBRARY to start research for Civil War Projects.
Materials Needed: Binder, Pen

US HISTORY: Online Resources for Textbook

Here is the online link for resources for our US HISTORY textbook American Nation in the Modern Era. This is not the textbook online (I'm working on seeing if that exists) but provides a lot of access to work that we will cover from each chapter, maps, pictures, and a lot of other material that can help illuminate the textbook for students who need more resources. Enjoy.

Recap of the 1st Two Weeks of GOVERNMENT

Since I just recently started this class blog, I wanted to do a quick recap of what has occurred during the 1st two weeks of classes. This is to ensure that everyone knows what we have done before we move on.

CHAPTERS (in textbook): Chapter 1 (Principles of Government) and Chapter 2 (Origins of American Government)

GRADED WORK: So... What Do You Know Quiz; Chapter 1 Vocabulary; Quiz #1 (Chapter 1); Class Discussion of Chapters 1-2.

TEACHER's THOUGHTS: So far, excellent! Just about every student has come to class fully prepared and done great work! Please know that I am very proud! Not too much late work, though there have been issues with students getting their textbooks. Please make sure that you have what you need. With my students being seniors, I understand that things will get a little hectic (to say the least) and we all need to ensure that organization and keeping up with all assignments and readings (watch out for procrastination - it will sink you fast) is of the utmost priority! Seniors have the difficulty of having to prepare for their future while simultaneously having to focus on the present. This is a difficult process for some, but know that I am here and am always willing to accommodate those who come and speak with me (Compromise is my favorite word). 

So far we have discussed Chapters 1 and 2. This Wednesday (September 7, 2011) will mark our first test, which will cover Chapters 1-2. Most everyone so far seems to have a good handle on the information. Tuesday September 6 will be our final discussion before the test. Make sure you have questions ready if you do not understand something.

As previously said, I am very pleased with my 5th Period GOV class! Students have been wonderful so far and I am truly excited to see what they can accomplish! Please make sure that you are good to go (please let me know if you ever are having any issues) because we are getting set to take tests, participate in debates, and do scholarly research. Stay tuned for more to come! 

Recap of the 1st Two Weeks of US HISTORY

Since I just recently started this class blog, I wanted to do a quick recap of what has occurred during the 1st two weeks of classes. This is to ensure that everyone knows what we have done before we move on.

CHAPTERS (in textbook): Chapter 3 (The Civil War) and Chapter 4 (Reconstruction)

GRADED WORK: 19th Amendment Paragraph; Chapter 3 Reviewing Main Ideas/Thinking Critically for TAKS, Chapters 3 and 4 Identifying People and Ideas (VOCAB); Quiz #1 (Chapters 3 and 4); and Chapters 3 and 4 class discussion.

TEACHER's THOUGHTS: So far so good! We started classes in Chapter 3 (with students reviewing Chapters 1-2) which discusses the Civil War and moved to Chapter 4, which discusses Reconstruction. My students have done lots of great work so far, which is very nice to see in the first couple of weeks when everyone is adjusting to being back and getting in to the grove of things. My only real issues have been students getting their textbooks and making sure that they read and review all material discussed in the textbooks. I have been bringing extra textbooks to class, but this, as promised, was only for the first couple of weeks. Make sure that all supplies needed for class are brought to class because students will be unable to fully participate without having what they need. This is especially important to ensure now because we are starting a project at the end of this upcoming week (Thursday and Friday).

Please also make sure that if there are any issues that students are having, tell me. Many students were offered the opportunity to retake QUIZ #1 if there grades were under a 70. Less than 5 students took advantage of this (there were at least 4 times as many who could have taken advantage). My retakes are quick, at lunch, and the student only has to demonstrate that they have learned the material that was missed. Full, long retakes are not offered since everyone is busy. I want to give every student the opportunity to have as good a grade as they can achieve.

The final issue is turning work in on time. I am fully aware that WE are ALL BUSY, but late work, especially from students who are not absent, cannot occur! Too many assignments were turned in late during these two weeks! Much kindness was given because it was the first two weeks of the school year, but starting Tuesday September 6, 2011, late work will be highly penalized. I do not do this to be mean, this is done because a big part about becoming an adult is to move away from procrastination towards being professionals who are organized and on top of all assignments. I understand that students have many responsibilities, and in turn, I am always willing to come to a compromise when situations arise. If you do not let me know that there is an issue, then I cannot help.

This is how the first two weeks of classes went and what we accomplished. I am overall very pleased and excited about the potential of my students!!! There is lots coming up including TEST #1, a Civil War Project, and Chapter 5. Make sure that you are good to go because class is really about to heat up!


Hello to students, parents, and anyone else who reads this. This blog will be used to keep all important updates about my US HISTORY and GOVERNMENT classes at Bellaire High School. I will include information about upcoming classwork, homework, projects, due dates, supplies needed for class, PowerPoints, videos, as well as links to additional information, how to conduct research, how to write research papers, and anything else needed for the success of my students. I will post information as often as I can. Please also EMAIL ME if you need any additional info or questions to be answered. Please enjoy this blog as it is meant to enhance all of my classes and be a resource for students, and anyone else, to use if they feel lost. To a great year of US HISTORY and GOVERNMENT at Bellaire HS!!! Stay tuned...